Jill headshotJill Berkowicz, co-author of The STEM Shift, is a former public school curriculum leader who presently teaches as an Adjunct Professor in Educational Leadership at SUNY New Paltz.  She has been trained in the observation and evaluation of teachers and principals by the New York State Education Department and in the evaluation of principals by Learner-Centered Initiatives.   Jill consults for Learner-Centered Initiatives in the use of their evaluation tool, the Multi-Dimensional Principal Performance Rubric (MPPR).  She, along with her co-author of The STEM Shift, Dr. Ann Myers, blogs on leadership issues for Education Week at Leadership360. Jill serves on the Board of Directors of the New York Association for Supervision of Curriculum Development (NYSASCD) and as the editor of their newsletter and their IMPACT Journal.

With a focus on school reform for the 21st century, Jill and Ann present to and consult for school leaders and teachers on the intricate shifting process, from 20th to 21st century schools using STEM as the fulcrum for change.